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Monday, September 27, 2010

Biology :)

Dear readers,

Sorry for the long pause....

Biology is not to be memorised. All you need to do is understand, familiarise, practice and eventually you'll be able to remember. For this, I divided Biology into few parts, mainly, diagrams to be remembered, graphs, and essay compilation.

Diagrams to be remembered
- In biology, we must be able to remember pictures, diagrams and their position just when you read the keywords of it. This is because when you are able to have the image in your mind, it will be easier for you to understand and get it easily. Visualising plays an important role in Biology. I listed down below all the diagrams and images that we have seen in form 4 and form 5. Among these diagrams, there are some to be remembered only, while the others you must be able to draw. (Do check on those that are not mentioned in the list below during revision too) :)

>Spend some time to draw them all out in a piece of A4 paper and keep it as your notes for future revision. Take it out everyday and spend some time to look at it. By using the pictures, you'll be able to remember some points which you'd studied or taught by the teacher. So take a pencil and start practicing! As you draw, you will remember better ;)


1. organelles
2. Amoeba/ Paramecium
3. Meristematic tissue
4. Internal Environment
5. Phospholipid Bilayer
6. Mechanics of transports (Active Transport)
7. Cells in isotonic, hypotonic and hypertonic solution
8. Carbohydrates, Proteins, lipid (structure)
9. Enzyme (lock and key mechanism & graph of factors affecting enzyme activity)
10. Mitosis
11. Meiosis
12. Digestion Equation
13. Pathway of digestion of human, ruminants, rodents
14. Villi
15. Colon
16. Cross section of leaf
17. Respiratory Organs
18. Alveoli
19. Succession in Mangrove Swamp, pond
20. Artery, Vein, Capillary
21. The Human Heart
22. Pulmonary and Systemic circulation
23. Blood circulation path for human, fish, frog
24. Joint
25. Special characteristics of the bones
26. The arm (bending mechanism)
27. Grasshopper's Leg (movement)
28. Bird's Locomotion
29. Position of tendon and ligaments
30. The general structure of the brain
31. The spinal cord
32. The neurons (effector, interneuron and affector)
33. Synapse
34. Kidney and it's functional unit (nephron)
35. Auxin's effect towards the growth of plants
36. Sperm
37. Reproduction in plants
38. Secondary growth in plants
39. Genes and mutations
40. Inheritance (Punnett Square..etc)

Besides the diagrams, you should remember the graphs too...


1. Factors affecting the rate of enzymatic reaction
2. Factors affecting photosynthesis
3. Graph that show the compensation point (photosynthesis vs respiration in plants)
4. Immunity (natural acquired, artificial acquired, artificial passive, etc)
5. Factors affecting transpiration
6. Growth curve of human
7. Growth curve of insect
8. Variation (continuous and discontinuous)

Other than that, you'll have to be able to explain in depth the processes involved. Don't forget to master the definitions :)

Do lots of past year questions and understand how marks are given in the answer schemes. All the best and good luck~!

For those who have not seen the biology essay compilation, do check it out :)

" You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water. "
~ Rabindrana Th Tagore