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The reason why I started this blog is because I believe that the notes I compiled/made are able to help many students my age and younger who have been trying to find subject specific notes for their SPM revision. My intention is to help more people whether if it is via the notes, advice or the experience I shared in this blog.

There are three conditions,

- Please do not edit my notes or take away the credits/watermark as these notes are prepared, written and compiled by me. I spent a lot of time on it :)

- If this blog helps you, do spread it out to others, especially those in need. Share the notes/knowledge so that the notes I made won't be wasted.

-If you spot any flaws in my work, feel free to send me an email/ inform me directly in the c-box so that I can edit the notes and upload a better version. If you have anything to add, do tell me too! If you have a link that you think it's useful, do share it with me and others in the chatbox.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Story to Ponder

Some said that it is not good to always think of the past because it is as though you're not moving forward to face the future, however, I normally look back for 2 reasons:

  1. A problem arises, I need to look back for the cause of the problem, rectify the mistake and make changes for good.
  2. To compare the past me with the one in the present, look at my accomplishment over the years, the aims I once made and the good and bad times I've gone through in the past.
In life, things aren't easy as it is filled with hitches. Though it is hard to move on at times of life, we have to hold on. We should be glad that we are given a life to live!

In this post, I wanna tell you more about what I have once been through in my life as a student till who I am today. So here goes!

I was in a Chinese primary school, SJK (C) Lai Meng for 6 years. And during my primary years, I was never the shining star. Why? Because I never took my studies seriously and also I was not the smart one. I never got to the top 10 in any exams before. I didn't pay attention in class either. There's once I even doodled in my textbook in Science class in front of the teacher while she was teaching! That was how I got caught by the teacher and took up the challenge to get an A in her Science paper. That happened in Standard 4 :) Which sparked my interest in Science.

Well, with moderate grades, I was not targeted by the teachers to get straight Ace in UPSR. However, with the help of my parents and my aunt, I managed to get 7A in UPSR. For the very first time, my life was filled with lights of glory. It was a good ending for a moderate start in primary school and definitely a great start in secondary school!

I went to SMK Puteri Ampang after graduating from primary school. That school was highly populated with Chinese which made no difference from a Chinese school. I performed very well in form 1, made it up to the top 3 and was elected to be the model student of the year (puteri mithali). When I was in form 2, I became a little snobbish and full of myself (I dare to admit!) and then got all things screwed up in school. And the year was bad as I was disliked by most of the people in school. So in form 3, I fall back to the moderate me with minimal participation in almost everything. Because of slacking in Form 2, I did not get straight ace in my PMR.

I went to SMK Cyberjaya for my form 4 as I moved from Ampang to Sepang. And it was a brand new start for me :) This school has a very very small population of Chinese. And so it was a little hard to adapt at first. However, as time goes by, and with the help of all the friendly people around me, I adapted. This time, I took my studies seriously! Because of that, I scored in exams especially in subjects like Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths, Add maths and English. My friends called me short square and that is when I started to use the name to start a blog. I paid full attention in class and finished all my work on time!

Secrets in studying? I can only say through making notes, paying attention in class and practice!

In form 5, I only paid attention to my strong subjects and neglected my weaker subjects; which resulted in another failure of not getting straight ace in my SPM. I did regret!

Right after SPM, I went to INTI University College Nilai to pursue A level. When I got the offer for Matriculation which was months later, I went directly to Penang. That transition from A level to Matriculation wasn't easy. It took me quite a while to adapt. But one thing that got me out of my comfort zone was to pursue my first bachelor degree in Pure Chemistry at USM. And that persistence got me through that one year which I did not regret! I got 4 flat in my matriculation and now, I got the offer to pursue my first bachelor degree in Pure Chemistry at USM this September!

The conclusion of the story is, no matter what happens in life, DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Follow your heart, let it bring you there! When you set a goal, be sure to move towards it with determination, persistence and courage. Do not let others bring you down in any ways and do not be afraid to fail at times of life. Because it is through failures that we'll find true success!

To my dearest readers, no matter how bad or how unsatisfying the exam results might be, always remember to try, try and TRY again and again until you get it right! Doing mistakes in school exams is better than doing it in SPM. Hence, start looking back for the mistakes, rectify them and change them! Look forward to the future and work hard for it! I'm sure you can do it!

When I tell you my failures and regrets, I hope you'll turn mine into your success; and when I tell you my success, I hope that you can turn my successes into your inspirations to move on and do better in yours! That is the main purpose of the story!

When I was young, my parents told me to dream for my future, to aim for it and to put my best foot forward.

I've done my part, I'm nearing to my dream, are you?

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