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The reason why I started this blog is because I believe that the notes I compiled/made are able to help many students my age and younger who have been trying to find subject specific notes for their SPM revision. My intention is to help more people whether if it is via the notes, advice or the experience I shared in this blog.

There are three conditions,

- Please do not edit my notes or take away the credits/watermark as these notes are prepared, written and compiled by me. I spent a lot of time on it :)

- If this blog helps you, do spread it out to others, especially those in need. Share the notes/knowledge so that the notes I made won't be wasted.

-If you spot any flaws in my work, feel free to send me an email/ inform me directly in the c-box so that I can edit the notes and upload a better version. If you have anything to add, do tell me too! If you have a link that you think it's useful, do share it with me and others in the chatbox.

Thanks for reading and enjoy learning :)

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My 2012 Recommendations ♥

I hope it's not too late for me to recommend good websites for you this year :D

Today I would like to highlight 2 special educational websites:

Berry Berry Easy
*Not a new website but it is surely the site I would like to recommend to readers every year~!

Berry Berry Easy provides you with comprehensive notes, SPM/STPM tips and past year papers/trial papers from different states uploaded specially by Berry Berry Teacher, Miss Isabelle Wong and Berry Berry Jenius, Mr Jo-Han Ng. They are always there to help you, and you have my word for it ♥

Do check out their website and you'll know what I mean :)

If you like their hardwork, do support them by following them on Facebook :) It's the least you can do~! ♥

*This is a new website I found recently :)

Gnowledge provides readers with exercises and past years uploaded by dedicated teachers in and out of Malaysia~! It is through drilling/practices that you will improve :) So here it is~! Have a look and start doing the past years today~!

Like Gnowledge? Follow them on Facebook~! ♥

So here it is readers~! Do check them out ^^ The links to the other recommended sites are at the have a look too~!