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The reason why I started this blog is because I believe that the notes I compiled/made are able to help many students my age and younger who have been trying to find subject specific notes for their SPM revision. My intention is to help more people whether if it is via the notes, advice or the experience I shared in this blog.

There are three conditions,

- Please do not edit my notes or take away the credits/watermark as these notes are prepared, written and compiled by me. I spent a lot of time on it :)

- If this blog helps you, do spread it out to others, especially those in need. Share the notes/knowledge so that the notes I made won't be wasted.

-If you spot any flaws in my work, feel free to send me an email/ inform me directly in the c-box so that I can edit the notes and upload a better version. If you have anything to add, do tell me too! If you have a link that you think it's useful, do share it with me and others in the chatbox.

Thanks for reading and enjoy learning :)

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Add Maths

Nothing is as fun as Additional Mathematics which brings away the boredom in me :)

Thanks to my additional mathematics teacher, I'd managed to complete all trial papers from 2003 till 2009 from all states, SBP and MRSM. That had made a difference ;)

Remember I'd mentioned about practice makes perfect? It is indeed true. Due to curiosity, which many might think that I'm making up stories or perhaps had nothing much to do, I'd finished studying the 10 form 5 add maths chapter within my form 4 holidays (November- December). I told myself that I need drilling to score perfectly in my adm exam, that's what kept me energised to complete the 10 whole new chapter myself. It was tough and I was afraid I don't get a thing from it at first but it became better when I attempt the questions. No, I don't need tuition to complete the 10 chapters, so do you. All we need is determination.

When my teacher began to teach the new chapters in class, I felt more confident as what I'd studied was right and that the two months of hard work was not wasted. Attending class was merely like a revision class for me so I need not spend time to understand them again like the others who had just been exposed to it. I started doing topical exercises in January followed by past year papers in February. I did not stop until the I finished my SPM in December. For the questions which has answers from books, I'd refer them to check my answers ; for those which doesn't have answers, I'd pass it up to the teacher and she had helped me marked it for months. She had helped me a lot :) From mistakes, I learned new things, I get to understand more, I'm more aware of it and will not repeat it.

If you have enough time, it will be great if you can finish all the adm exercise books available in the market ;)

When you do more practices and past year papers, you are exposed to different types of questions. When you start to have problems, flip through that chapter and study it once again. Then, re-attempt the questions ;)Don't let your momentum stop!!

In paper 2, section B and C, you'd get the chance to choose which question you would like to attempt. If you are not ready, focus more on the questions that you can get marks, however, if you are ready, try to attempt all the questions regardless of what chapter they belongs to. At least, if the questions comes out tough for the one you usually attempt, you'll have a back up for you to gain marks. But, be sure you have time to complete the standard questions and have the time to check before you start attempting the ones extra.

Overall, nothing is better when you are familiar with it. So start practicing today!! :)